Call for Chairs for the Paper Sessions of the 35th CIHA World Congress in São Paulo

São Paulo CIHA World Congress, 13-18 September 2020

Organizing Committee:Claudia Mattos Avolese, Jens Baumgarten, Maria Berbara, Felipe Chaimovich, Roberto Conduru, Luiz Alberto Freire, Ana Magalhães, Valeria Piccoli.

The São Paulo Organizing Committee for the 35th CIHA World Congress in São Paulo invites art historians from around the world to propose a topic for one of the 9 sessions of the 35th CIHA World Congress in São Paulo. The proposed theme for the congress is “Migrations.” In order to engage the international community on this theme, the Organizing Committee has decided to offer an open call for sessions. Scholars interested in taking part in the congress as session chairs should submit a proposal embracing any art historical topic related to the general theme of “Migrations.”

Due to the collaboration with the Italian National Art History Committee, that is organizing the Florence component of the 35th CIHA World Congress, there will also be one special session on a topic concerning the relations between Brazil and Italy. Scholars interested in applying for this session should propose a topic that fits this description.

Each session will have two chairs: an international chair and a chair from Brazil. The two co-chairs will act as a committee to refine the concept initially proposed by the international chair for one of the 10 sessions of the 35th CIHA World Congress in São Paulo in 2020, and to select participants for their session. This call for chairs aims at selecting the international chair. A call for the second chair will take place in the sequence in Brazil.

Applications for session chairs may be submitted by academic or independent scholars. We want to remind applicants that according to the CIHA statutes, no member of the CIHA Board and no one having been a Chair in the Beijing Congress (2016) can apply to serve as a session chair in the São Paulo Congress.

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